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The Building Envelope Design Guide is one of a series of guides in the Whole Building Design Guide (WBDG) that are intended to assist designers in the integrated design of assemblies and systems. As such, the Building Envelope Design Guide follows the general format of other guides in the WBDG and are internally linked to Resource Pages and other levels and sections of the WBDG.

The Whole Building Design Guide ( is an evolving Web-based resource intended to provide architects, engineers and project managers with design guidance, criteria and technology for “whole buildings”. Accordingly, the WBDG covers the whole range of today’s issues in building design, such as sustainability, accessibility, productivity, and safety—both from human and natural hazards. The WBDG is constantly augmented with updated and new information and is structured as a “vertical portal”, enabling users to access increasingly specific information as they navigate deeper into the site.

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