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In 1924 our grandfather and his brother Johannes & Hermann Jaeger established their original weaving shed in Wuppertal, Germany.  At the turn of the century, most clothes were made at home by the women of the family, and life revolved around the farm. Wiki states that; “The early textile trade relied on domestic outworking. Handloom weavers would take the yarn to their cottage loom shops, and return the completed fabric to the mill.” The early start of production for the Jaegers was mainly focused on silk tapes and hat-bands. Prohibition in America ended in 1919 and the 1920s brought new freedoms to the lives of the people in the area. People started moving into the cities instead of living on the farm and the mass production of the automobile allowed freedom not known before. The economy was booming and jukeboxes, dancehalls, and late nights became standard. The Roarin’ Twenties brought the flapper style to women throughout Western culture and Eastern Europe. Decorative ribbons were used on many headpieces as a flashy addition to standard hats. Dresses available to nearly everyone, heels, and a hat suddenly became a fashion statement. The next generation of Jaegers recognized the change in demand and expanded their product line to include technical textiles in the 1950s. This expansion was to support the demand in the function instead of just fashion.  Three generations later, the Jaeger’s added the construction industry to their ever-growing portfolio. As homes needed to be remodeled and bathrooms updated, the popularity of tile and grout stand-up showers took root. Watertight bathroom stalls became standard to protect the structure of the home. Sealing the substrate (which expands and contracts with the moisture of shower walls) with a waterproofing system to make it watertight and completely waterproof grew in demand. The longevity of homes and environmental awareness continue to push demand to this day.  Today, as a private label manufacturer we’re proud to continue the Jaeger legacy with a number of locations throughout the world that help us supply our customers with the consistent quality and the service they expect. The Jaeger USA team consistently makes decisions that are consistent with Jaeger’s core values, professional integrity, and ethical principles.
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