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Multifamily Markets Already Beginning to Rebound

Jaeger USA

The main component of Jaeger USA’s Shower Sealing System kit is the waterproofing sheet membrane made of pliable polyethylene. Covered on both sides with fleece webbing, once applied to the substrate tile can be placed immediately.

Jaeger USA is the private label manufacturing partner specializing in both air and waterproofing sealing solutions for the Construction Industry. Products are designed to save time, prevent moisture, water, and air leakage in the building envelope.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a great deal of economic pain across the world. States and the federal government saw the need for relief to mitigate the impact on citizens and companies alike. After four years of a steady, upward trajectory, rent growth flattened in 2020.

Source: Multifamily Housing to Rebound

Posted by: Kate Putnam | Marketing | Jaeger USA

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